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Saturday, September 27, 2008

September Daring Bakers Challange

Lavash Crackers!!

I had never made crackers before and was excited to try. Of course life got in the way and I almost didn't complete. I mean seriously, it was my 2nd challenge and I almost bagged out! Shame, shame on me for even considering it.

As a side project we could attempt to make the cracker gluten free and had to create a dip that was gluten free AND vegan. My dip was actually quite nice for its quickly thrown together idea. I wanted to make a black bean salsa. Of course it was only as my crackers were baking that I realized I had no tomatoes. Subbed in stewed and it was still quite nice. The salsa was: stewed tomatoes, onion, green pepper, corn, black beans, some cumin, some salt, some hot shot pepper (mixture of black pepper and cayenne).

Anyway, I managed to make the crackers last night. I took the easy route and went with the chock-full-of-gluten recipe. Recipe itself is very easy - its the rolling that is a killer. And I hate rolling. ANYTHING. I don't do pie crusts (isn't that was those frozen pie shells are for?!), I don't do cut out cookies. I HATE rolling. And I'm pretty sure that was my problem here. The cracker itself had a nice taste, but I definitely didn't roll thin enough. They were chewy and heavy, not at all light and crisp. DH and DD still loved them (even if her days of eating gluten might be numbered - post about that later, when we know more).

Please excuse the suckage photos.
Lavash Crackers (by floreksa)

Lavash Crackers (by floreksa)