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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is my UltraSmart dying?

So we all know I was 523 last night (yikes!). I raged bolused like no ones business. Seriously, I took enough to kill some people, 45 units, broken into 2 different shots.

1 hour later my UltraSmart read 532. WTF?!!!!!!!!!!

I test again - 437

I test again - 402

Within 1 minute my meter ranged over 103 points. Technically, I believe that that is still within the 20% range (or just slightly higher), but honestly, what if I took the 532 at face value, assumed my insulin was bad, switched out and injected MORE insulin?

As it was I was 142 2 hours later, and 46 2 hours after that. I shudder to think what would have happened if the little voice in my head hadn't said "NO WAY man, test again, NO WAY did you go UP."

Its also really beginning to bother me that I've had 2 RIDICULOUS highs in the past 2 weeks and I didn't feel that sick with them. I was fine. Oh sure my mouth was drier then a desert, but I wasn't the "holy crap, I'm dying of the flu" sick that I normally am.


I really think I'm going to push for a CGMS. I'm hopefully that I can get it pushed through insurance (its nice having a good "in" with them).

Monday, January 29, 2007

What me, stress??

Grampa still in hospital...

Possibility that my cousin has a cancerous tumor in her leg that the local Drs won't touch with a 10ft pool, so she has to wait until later this week to see a Dr in Boston...

2 yr old another possible ear infection + really mucousy, wet cough. Thoughts of the pneumonia that is spreading like wildfire through the kids around here...

Dishwasher full of water. Water not leaving. FIL coming over tomorrow to look. Possibilities - clogged hose (doubtful, we already looked). Crapped out solenoid which opens the drain (sounding like the winner), something else?...Chance of FIL trying to fix solenoid of dishwasher that is louder then an F-7, instead of just letting us buy a damn new one that will be QUIET - close to 100%

Dishes covering ever square inch of the kitchen because of said water issue.

Me, I'm feeling a tad frayed, a little buzzy, slightly fuzzy. Wait, crap, I better test.


I can't catch a freaking break.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Prayers and Positive Thoughts Requested

My grandfather had triple by-pass surgery done about a week ago. I didn't write about it, but at the time it was a shock. He had gone to the hospital with chest pains. The smaller hospital here decided that he needed angioplasty and sent him to the larger hospital. Turns out it was much, MUCH worse and he actually needed quadruple bypass.

During the surgery, it was decided that because of his age and the increased chance of stroke, they only bypassed 3.

He had been doing AMAZINGLY well. So much so he was transferred out of Cardiac ICU days before schedule, and was actually transferred back to the smaller hospital earlier this week for some rehab before being sent home.

We've just gotten a call that he is being rushed back to the larger hospital. That he may have pneumonia and that "something may have come loose". I know so little right now that I'm going crazy and trying not to cry at my desk is requiring me to hold my breath.

Please pray for my grandfather.

Cozmo Upgrade

I'd been wondering where the "letter" that I was going to get about Cozmo upgrade was. So I went to their webpage to chat with a Rep. They actually have an online form setup to request the upgrade.

As a public service ;) Here it is

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bribery....Its a good thing

So I had the day from hell today. Just one of those, no matter which way you turn the work piles up and not a single phone call has good news. Where the stress is so bad it honestly hurts. Your jaw, your shoulders, your back...

Then I go and pick up a SCREAMING child who does not want to go home with me. Grrr-F'ing-eat! I cracked. It was either cry right there at the daycare providers home, runaway never to pick A up again, or bribe her. I bribed. A's been asking for "schobby foo". We couldn't figure out what in the heck she was saying. I figured it out yesterday... "Schobby foo, schobby foo Where ARE you?" Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.

So ya, I promised her some Scooby Doo. I stopped at Blockbuster and bought her a movie. It bought me 1 hour of pure silence.

Up to 4 lenders MY ASS. At last count, I've been contacted by 12, yes 12 different lenders (update - its 14 now). Do you have any idea how many phone calls per night that is?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously. Way.too.many.

Of course in my infinite wisdom, I put the phone on Do Not Disturb. I thought I was oh, so smart. HA. I'll let you in on the punchline now, but when a person leaves a voicemail on my VOIP line instead of my actual answering machine, it makes the phone ring, just 1 annoying time.

I forgot about this.

Swearing, lots of it when my phone rang 1 annoying time, every 10 minutes. WTF?! All I can think is WHY IN THE HELL would they program a phone to ring 1 time every time someone calls when its on DND....AND WHY ARE THEY STILL CALLING?
DH was about ready to shot me with a bazooka and had me shut DND off, only the phone kept ringing 1 annoying time. It took me over an hour to figure it out. Not good times.

Add to the fact that blogger is F'ing with me and its been one hell of a day.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Removing Vongo Installer

Ok, for those of you out there trying to get rid of the dreaded Vongo crap that's come installed on your HP computer. Here's the trick that worked for me.

Make sure to remove all files and folders related to Vongo (most likely they're gone if you used the Uninstall feature).

Now you have to run the Windows Installation Cleanup Utility, this will remove the registry entries for the Software.

You can download the Utility from the given below link:

You will see an instance of Vongo. Highlight and remove it. So far its been working for me.

You'll see other sites that tell you to mess with C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\isuspm.exe. This is NOT a fix to your problem. It shuts down the InstallShield completely and it will no longer search for updates for other products that may use the same updater. Basically its like permanently removing the waterline to your house to stop a leak under the sink. The program itself is not critical to your computer, and will stop Vongo from trying to reinstall itself, but I'd much rather fix the true problem, then mask it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why Today?

Today started off fine. Heck I didn't even mind coming into to work. Get here and WOW do I have to pee. Hmm, that's weird I can normally go pretty much all day without visiting the ladies room. 1 hour later for a return trip.

Something's up. I can't be high though. No cotton mouth, no sweater-y teeth, no brain fog. I feel just fine.

442 - HoOOOoooo-ly SHIT!

Take a massive rage bolus injection. 1 site could not handle what I just separated into 3 jabs.

Well that was uncalled for. Trip back to the ladies room to look at site. Site that is now almost 100% out AND bleeding like a sieve. Lovely.

Back to desk, retrieve last Comfort set from desk and begin the non-unto awkward task of putting in a site at work, a Comfort no less, with its big scary needle that I'm suppose to somehow just poke into me, like its nothing. Have you seen the size of that needle? Really, have you?!?! And its not like you can just not look and jab away because it has to go in at a 45 degree angle and seriously how do you judge 45 degrees when you're looking down and using your thigh?

What happens? You ask...The sticky part in the back is almost 100% stuck to itself, so the only thing holding it down at the moment is the front part and a wee little corner in the back.

I'm not...I'm not....I'm not...Crap, don't you just hate it when your grasp of the English language suddenly flies out the door. Seriously, I can't think of the word I want. I'm not optimistic(YAY!) that its gonna hold.

Ok, I guess I do have a bit of brain fog, and ya, teeth are pulling on a sweater as we speak. Would also explain the nice dry cough I've got going on suddenly.

Off to down one of the 5 gallon water jugs.

Friday, January 12, 2007

But I'm not dead yet!

I'm very, very close to it though.

My body has be ransacked. It all started on a fateful Sunday. You see A, A decided that she was going to reinfect her right ear and not wanting the other to feel left out, allowed the infection to spread across her skull to the other side too. This of course all happened AFTER the Ped's after hours. Nurse on call said to use "Olive oil drops" Ya, right

Sunday morning we were at the Ped's FOR.AN.HOUR. at which point I must've picked up Black Death. It started Sunday night.

Now I had already resigned myself that I would be using one of my 4, yes 4! sick days on Monday to care for Ally, little did I know that 2 more would be tacking themselves on. Lets just say I made frequent trips to the ladies Room.

Monday morning, I sent DH on his way, plopped Ally in front of the tv and crawled onto the couch. By 11:30am, I had DH heading home because I was now incapable of caring for anything more demanding then a pet rock.

Tuesday was no better. Wednesday I dragged my sorry self to work, which was a mistake. Thursday I was pretty sure my stomach was attempting to eat itself and today, well, today I've been hit by a Mac Truck, but I think I'll live.

I had a stomach bug AND the flu. TOGETHER. AT.THE.SAME.TIME Fever, chills, aches and pains, trips to the Ladies Room, coughing, sneezing (which caused gagging), running nose, lord help me! Calgon, could not take that away.

I think I'm on the downside now. I pray I'm on the downside now, because honestly, I can't go on like this much more.

Oh, ya puking + constant low blood sugar = NOT FUN

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Grading the Mom

I often obsess wonder if I am somehow failing A in our "teaching" of her.

Should I be buying DVD's that claim to have her reading by 3? Should I be worried that every color is purple right now and ABC's and counting to 5 only occur if she's repeating what I say? That I'm not even sure if she has the concept of shapes, never mind the names? That she prefers a good, cuddle-time "rocka" (rocking) to a bedtime story and that I oblige her with it. Should I really be forcing the 1 millionth reiteration of Good Night Moon instead?

Each day I read posts by mom's who guise their brags in the form of an "Is this normal?" post.
My child can draw circles, squares and elephants,recite the alphabet, knows all his colors in English, Spanish and French, including chartreuse. He's 14 months old. Is this normal?"

Well, crap if it is, then my daughter is destined to be featured on Dirty Jobs.

Am I missing something, here? My daughter plays, says "No" relentlessly often and picks her nose. She chases the cats and purposely falls off the couch. She hits herself, then asks for a kiss for the boo-boo. She cooks with every piece of Tupperware I own and eats "doc ducks" (hot dogs). She colors, sometimes even in her coloring books, and cares for her baby's by stealing all of their "dubbys"(pacifiers)for her own personal use.

Should I be grilling my daughter each night after work with flashcards and electric shocks? Isn't Sesame Street enough? Cause really, if I'm watching all this Elmo for no reason, I'm turning Mr. and Mrs. Smith back on. There's a life lesson for A. Women can be beautiful, rich AND hired assassins, just like men.

Honestly its the bigger concepts we're trying to teach A. Things like emptying the dishwasher and washing the car. Laundry will have to wait until she's a little taller older. These are the important lessons. Cause really, why have children if not for the free labor?