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Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Night

20 mintues ago - I've got Ally set up with paper and paints. I'm walking to the living room to sit down. "MOM-my, you can't sit down." "Why not Ally?" "Because you have to paint with me. I have no friends" :( "But I thought you didn't like me?" (her fav thing right now is to tell me she doesn't like me) "No,no,no...I just tembering to like you" (gee thanks!)...

15 minutes ago - Ally and I are painting a card for Zackie (her cousin in VA). Ally has successfully painted an 8by 8 heart with approximated 16 fluid oz of paint. She then decides it would be more fun to dip the brush into the paint, then straight into the water... "Ally we don't do that. If you're not using the paper, I'm putting it all away" - "no,no,no...Mommy I tembering to make soup" - "that's great Ally, but tember to make soup without using all the paint." Ally then informs me that when she's done painting daddy will either tickle her or play the couch game with her (she runs around the living-room while he throws pillows at her). She "loves her daddy because him is a funny guy".

10 minutes ago - I'm scrubbing approx an inch of paint off the kitchen table, while Ally draws a cow, a silly face and a pillow. The 3 look remarkably alike. The only difference was the cow had an extra circle.

5 minutes ago - Ally is telling her "sisters" that "she can't talk right now because daddy said we had to be quiet, so we have to be quiet, no I can't talk... we need to be quiet. Jasmine you're not being quiet, remember my daddy said we have to be quiet. Him needs to be quiet." (she then breaks out into the "we have to be quiet song"). Screaming from John ensues.

Right now....Ally is tearing around the living room, while John chucks pillows at her. This game can only end in tears. He's already nailed her about 3 times where its knocked her legs right out from under her...Yet she loves it. Oh and he came dangerously close to breaking the ceiling fan...


The ending - the fan is broken. One light completely ripped out. Home Depot here we come. Little did I know the "can only end in tears" meant my own.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'll be interesting one day....

but today is not that day.

A is testing our every last nerve. Actually I believe she got to the last one sometime on Monday.

Apparently 3.5 years old is a time of:

1) screaming
2) crying
3) hitting
4) kicking
5) "I do!"
6) deafness
7) utter defiance and stubbornness
8) "no,no,no,no,no....Mommy, mommy, I" fill in with the exact opposite of what I just asked.

and the world favorite


OMG with the whining.