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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Extended Test

Well I did a 2.5hr extended (not combo) bolus at lunch.

Lunch - 192
2 hrs - 91
4 hours - 141.....better.

Guess we'll just keep playing. On deck for tomorrow at breakfast:

Combo bolus - 35% upfront, rest spread over 3 hrs.

Combination, Extended, Regular - OH MY!


I'm still trying to get a hang of bolusing with Symlin. I can't do a regular bolus, or I crash and burn minutes after eating. So right now, I'm experimenting with combo/extended boluses. This morning I thought I had it figured beautifully. Had a D&D bagel with cream cheese. Bolused for 80 grams, 45% upfront, rest spread over 2:15minutes.

Ate at 8am - bg 116
2 hours late - bg 89 (SWEET)
2 hours after that (pre-lunch) - bg 192 - WHAT THE F!!!! Nothing to eat, only had black coffe to drink - iced medium, which took me the entire 4 hours to drink.

And one stupid little test has sent my mood into the shitter. I hate this! There's no reason for 192...None! Site's new, insulin is fresh...Only thing I can think of is I went lower (without symptoms) and am now paying for my perfectly healthy, overly compensating liver dump of glucose.


Soooo, now what? Do I assume that I'm acutally getting the combo bolus somewhat figured out with the Symlin, that the 192 is a fluke (I've experienced similar highs 4 hours post meal after Symlin). Do I extend the rest even further?

For lunch, I skipped the combo, went straight for an extended over 4 hours. We'll see.

Oh, and for you Cozmo users - Is there a way in the history to see the details of a Combo/Extended bolus. I see in the history my bolus, but not the % now/later/time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Word Verification

Am I the only one who would seriously flunk life, if it was based on the ability to type in the word verification correctly? If I had to grade myself, I'd be probably at 60%. Its ridiculous!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Anniversary Meme

Stolen from Kassie

For me it will be 13 years in September and is not at all as impressive as hers!

1.) Meet the man of my dreams 8 months after diagnosis and didn't scare him away with my D!
2.) Stood up to the High School nurse who INSISTED that I could not possibly walk the halls of high school with needles and insulin on me, despite that fact that she was NEVER around at lunch for my test/shot.
3.) Attend a band trip to Disney World, less then 8 months after dx, without my parents for over a week and didn't freak any teachers or friends out.
4.) Continued swimming competitively until I dislocated my knee at the beginning of my senior yr season.
5.) Attended MA Girl's State, a 1 week "prestige" (ha! I H-A-T-E-D it!) stay at Mount Holyoke College to High School girls who are, I guess, Civic Leaders....less then a yr after dx.
6.) Graduated High School 3rd in my class.
7.)Graduated UMASS-Amherst with an Econ degree while working at least 2 jobs (for a couple weeks, I actually juggled 4 jobs at once!).
8.) Got my current job being naive and honest about my diabetes during the interview.
9.) Bought my house and my 1st pump at the same time and moved into said house the same week as my pump training!
10.) Got married to that wonderful man who wasn't scared off by my D :) - only took us 8 yrs.
11.) Got pregnant
12.) Went on vacation while pregnant and then switched pumps.
13.) Had a wonderfully, amazing little girl and am ready for the next!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Now if I only liked MLT's

Miracle Max

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Ranty Kindof Day

Ok, no idea why I'm thinking of this, but I HATE, H.A.T.E. the stupid Foxwood's Casino commericals. I hate the jingle, I hate how clean and SMOKE FREE the place looks. What a freaking crock. Even the smoke free area, tucked away in a back corner in a janitor's closet is full of people smoking and THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!! And lets talk about the people in the commerical. All young and pretty and dressed to the hilt. HA! Let's get real here.

Don't get me started on the United Bank "Personal Banker" commericals either. If that annoying lady says one more time "A Personal Banker means just that, we Personalize your banking experience" I will in fact be forced to drive to all of the United Banks, find her and throttle her. Wait, WHAT? Did you just define a phrase using the 2 damn words IN the phrase? In what holy world is that ok? We couldn't waste another 20 seconds of film, hand the moronic lady (a lady who is moronic) a damn dictionary and tell her to try again?


Some Days I Wonder.....

So I've got the mother of all headaches right now. One of those "my head is going to split open and unleash demons upon the earth" kinds. So I pop some Excedrin Migrain and decide to buy myself a coffee on the way to work for that extra caffeine kick.

Go in.

"I'll have a large, iced carmel, cream only - dark."

"What size?" (as if all I had said was "coffee, me"


"Cream or sugar" (ok, WTF, am I talking to myself??!!)

"Cream - dark" (irritation creaping into my voice)

What did I get? A large, REGULAR iced coffee, so freaking light I don't even think you can call it coffee. I think she waved the coffee over the top of the cup.

Its gonna be a BAAAA-aaad day.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just trying to stay dry......

spider 002, originally uploaded by floreksa.


Co-Worker went to open an umbrella to go to our other building. My sister (sits at the front desk), saw it immediately and ran for her life. Co-Worker wasn't too fond of it either.

19 Months

Mommy's late again, but I have my reasons.

You turned 19 months on Friday. You still constantly amaze me. On Thursday while I was sitting in the livingroom, you suddenly disappeared and got real quiet. I found you in the kitchen looking like Big Lou behind the bar, ready to start happy hour.

You had pulled out one of the chairs at the table, grabbed a bottle of water and a plastic cup and you were as content as a clam pouring yourself shots of water and gulping them down. I would've grabbed the camera if I wasn't hyperventalating over you being so grown up!
Big Girl

Then of course, there's your recent addiction to FlavorIce. Not that I can blame you, I'm a bit of a FlavorIce connieseur too. You are very adament, though that you have you very own. No sharing for you! No, no, no!!

You can now say your name "A-yee", Auntie "Ah-eee", Jeff "Jefffffffffs", Nicky "Ne-ee", ball "ballll" and so many others. You try to sing your ABC's "e,e,e,e,e" and Baa-Baa, Black Sheep "Baa, baa, baa, baa, baa,baa, yesch, yesch, yesch"...

Your hair...Can we talk about your hair?
Holy Hair!
It is soo funny. It will start the day out a frizzy, rats nest of a doo, but with the humidity lately, it ends up in the worlds most perfect head of ringlets.

I saw a picture of your daddy this weekend when he was probably 3 yrs old. YOU ARE ALL HIM!! There is not 1 piece of mommy in you. If I didn't have the scar proving..... It was amazing. I was missing you so much while I was in VT and then there was this picture. If it wasn't for the 1970's fading and boys cloths, I would've bet hard earned money that that was you in the picture. I NEED a copy of that picture.

Each month I wonder how you could possibly get any cuter, or how I could possibly love you any more then I already do. This month was no different. I don't know if I could pick a favorite age. Right now though, is definitely one of the best!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time heals what reason cannot.

First off, sorry for going so long between posts. My heart just hasn't been in it.

DH's cousin died during the early morning hours of June 1st. She was only 35. We traveled to Northern VT this weekend for the services. She was so young and she had 3 kids (16, 14, and 7) that she was raising alone. Those poor kids are all up in the air right now. The youngest 2's father has taken them all in and is in the process of becoming the oldest's legal guardian.

Its been a long weekend. Didn't help that by Sunday I was missing Ally A LOT. By Monday, I was literally frantic wanting to get back home to her. Of course then I felt overwhelming guilt that here I was wanting to leave family that had lost their daughter/mother/sister because I couldn't go 48 hours without seeing mine.