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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Unwanted Guests

We have unwanted, invisible, guests at our house. I sure didn't invite them in. I checked with DH and he sure as hell didn't invite them in, either. That leaves 1.) the cats, who with the recent heat, don't have the strength or motivation to move, never mind invite guests over or 2.) A, our full-fledged "terrible two-er". We're leaning towards A.

A LOVES our new guests, Mrs. "No" and Mr. "Go Away", infact she calls for them MULTIPLE times a day, far surpassing all other names she knows. Mrs. "No" is a near and dear friend and apparently she has gone missing. A calls for Mrs. "No" at least a squabillion times a day, maybe even squabillion +1. There is no other explanation, as my sweet, loving, COMPLIANT daughter could not possibly be sayng "no" to me.

Mr. "Go Away", now he must know the secret location of Mrs. "No", as A talks to him much less. Usually he just gets squeezed between her plaintive cries for Mrs. "No".

DH and I have reserved plane tickets for Mrs. "Yes" and Mr. "Right away, oh loving parents". Such a nice couple. We're hopeful that A will take a liking to them, too.


julia said...

Heh. Over here, it's Mr. "Idunno" and Mr. "Mine". Really freakin' annoying. Ms. "Squeal-Like-A-Stuck-Pig" is also a very, very, VERY frequent guest. I really don't like her. At all.

Kerri. said...

This reminds me of those little "Mr. Men" books by Roger Hargreaves.

I hope that nice couple has a safe flight and arrives soon!