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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vegas Baby!

So we're heading off to Vegas for 4 days on Saturday. I've been once before, summer of 2004. It wasn't pretty. I was gianormous pregnant and it was 114°. I cried, twice. Once outside the Venetian, once inside the MGM Grand (where I also proclaimed loudly "I HATE this place").

I'm hoping for a better time this time. BIL and SIL are going to renew their wedding vows (this was suppose to be their wedding). This is the couple that had to do the quicky, lunchtime wedding . It should be nice.

We're staying at the Luxor. Hoping to spend most of our time site seeing and at the pool (if anything, I'm a penny slot kindof gal, as in 1 penny at a time....So not a big roller!).

Not knowing a whole bunch about Vegas, I'm looking to you all to point me the direction of some great free/low cost sites and activities!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, Vegas is awesome, really try to take it all in. You'll love the luxor, though the rooms can be a little freaky with the slanted ceiling, but they have a great pool. I wanted to thank you for your comment to KJ about Symlin, I've been on it about 5 weeks and wanted to see if I could find anyone else who is on it. I would like to talk to you about your experience with when you have the time. You can reach me at Have fun in Vegas and if you're looking for some good penny slots, check out the Aladdin last time I played there I won $250 on the pennies and it's a pretty cool walking through all the shops. Hope to talk to you soon. Natalie