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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Night Heart Attacks

I dialed the phone and gave it to Ally
ring, ring
"My finger's all better, memere. I'm going nah-nites now"

An hour earlier, the scene at our house wasn't so calm. Ally was, we thought, upstairs watching Scooby-Doo. We were downstairs watching the Packers/Giants game until we heard a blood curling scream.

I ran upstairs to find Ally in our bed, her hand covered in blood. I got her into the bathroom and screamed for John to come up. I had her hand under water when DH came up with the band aids and Neosporin. We spent 20 fruitless minutes in there trying to get the bleeding to stop.

Dh, during that time at least got Ally calm enough tell us how exactly she had sliced her finger off laying in our bed. She brought us into the bedroom and that's when DH found them, my razors, scattered throughout the bed. She had been opening all of them (they come individually wrapped). We wrapped her finger in paper towels and brought her downstairs, where DH applied pressure and kept her arm up and I not knowing what to do, frantically Googled "How to tell if you need stitches". Very helpful, I know.

An hour later and the bleeding had slowed enough for me to see what DH was trying to tell me. She basically shaved a layer of skin off. There's nothing to actually stitch. He put a bunch of band aids on it, gave her some chocolate and I put her bed.

Now I feel like the crap-tastic mother of the year. Tomorrow I'll be off buying door locks for the bathroom closets.


Major Bedhead said...

Ouch. Poor kid.

When O started school this year, Boo decided to follow her. She was a block and a half down the road before I realized she'd made an escape. Scared the crap out of me.

Misti said...

How scary! I'm so glad it wasn't more serious. Don't worry, you're not a terrible mother. About a week ago Jonathan came walking into the living room from the kitchen carrying a pair of kitchen scissors!!! He was opening & closing them. I about died. I still can't quite figure out how he got them; he's only 15 months old, so he can't climb up on the counter. The only thing I can think of is that they were sitting just close enough to the edge of the counter that he could reach them. Needless to say, I make sure everything is pushed back now.

Amanda said...

Oh my god, I had a heartattach just reading this! I'm glad she is better now. Phew!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yikes! Scary!

Michael M. said...

The silver lining is that she is likely to remember the dangers of loose razors for a very, very long time. Glad it worked out without serious harm. (found you via blogrush...)

Audrey said...

Can I send hugs from California? As a mom there are many times I want to kick myself...but you know then there are just so many times I find tears of joy in my eyes from my girls. Please be gentle with yourself. She's ok.

Anonymous said...

2 out of 4 of my girls cut themselves on one of my razors in the shower. (Not at the same time, just over the course of their lives thus far). Crap happens to the best of us. Most moms have a story that invloves their razor, oh and one that involves scissors and kids taking haricuts into their own hands.
I found you via the MA moms list on the F-FN.