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Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I hate Monday mornings in New England


Even More Snow

Enough with the Snow!

And to top it completely off:
Broken Tree

Yup, tree split in half. DH was out shoveling at 6am when he heard the cracking. The tree, when we moved into our house 8 years ago was a beautiful, perfectly round tree. A tree you could write poems about it was so perfect. About 4 years ago it split in 1/2 during a particularly nasty thunderstorm. Today the 1/2 that was left split in 1/2 again. We'll have to have the whole thing taken down this spring.


Shannon said...

I'm currently watching a blizzard outside here in NH while my kids are home from school.

It looks like the kind of winter this year. Last year was so tame.

We have bent and broken trees all around our yard. One fell against out house one year after a hard rain. And another enormous one fell straight through our backyard. The kids had fun bouncing on it until Jeff could get to it with the chainsaw.

Trees are pretty, but then they can be high maintenance.

Caro said...

As someone in the other England, these pictures simply look absolutely beautiful. They are really stunning.

But then, I don't have to deal with the realities of it. I don't have to get around, or deal with the broken tree. Mind you, you guys do an awesome job. It takes just one inch of snow to bring this England to a standstill!

Jeff said...

Hi Floreksa.

It always broke my heart whenever we lost a good tree when we lived in New England. (One was when a neighbor got carried away with a chain saw and didn't realize he was on our property!) Stay warm.

Oh, and your banner is great.