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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

We bought A a small v-Day present, comprised mainly of the 50% off Dollar bin at Target and 1 pair of pink camo fake crocs. By her reaction you'd think the girl has no shoes and we send her through the snow, sleet, ice and 3 feet of currently pooling water barefoot.

"Oh.My.God! Shoes! Mommy. Look at MY NEW SHOES"
I apparently hit the jackpot when I threw them in the cart as a last minute decision to round out the rest of the junk.

I was quite proud of myself, if not concerned, by her reaction, until she found the card.

"I get a CARD, mommy? For ME? Just for me? Oh TANK YOU! TANK YOU! TANK YOU!"

Yup my kid was the most excited about the card. The $.50 generic, bargain bin, blank inside frog card with bobble eyes. It's apparently the cat's meow. The only thing she expressed that could've made it any better would have been if it arrived in the mail.

Don't think for a second that I didn't lie.
"Yes, in fact it DID come in the mail. I went out and got it this morning. Just.For.You"


Amanda said...

So adorable! We'll bring over her princess valentine this weekend!