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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vacation Part One - The Drive

7 hour drive isn't bad. We can do that. Massachusetts to Washington, DC NO PROBLEM! We'll just borrow the DVD player, pack some toys and get up at the butt crack of dawn! Heck, she'll sleep for the first few hours. We'll gingerly move her from her bed to the car seat. This is going to be great!

Are we insane?

We started Saturday morning - May 24th at 4am. 4am hurts. I don't like 4am, but if we wanted any hope of making it to DC while it was still Sat, 4am it was. Thankfully we had loaded up the car the night before, so it was just a matter of getting dressed, chugging some Red Bull and getting Ally up and into her car seat where we figured she would quietly go right back to sleep (you can stop laughing now!). We were on the road by 5am. Here we go!

Enfield, CT (approx 20-25 minutes from home) we got our first "Are we there yet?". Oh boy, this might not be pretty. By NYC (3 hrs) Ally was screaming "I don't want to go to Hotels! I don't want to go to Hotels". I have to admit I was beginning to agree with her. A 7 hour drive with a 3 year (who WAS NOT sleeping as we thought she would) was suddenly a horrible, horrible idea.

We stopped for breakfast in NJ, loaded her up with pancakes and got back on the road. She promptly passed out(and I swore I heard angels sing, but maybe that was just DH).

It was pure bliss through the rest of NJ, DE and MD. She woke up right outside of DC and promptly screamed that she could "still NOT see the hotels! WHY couldn't she see the Hotel. Why? WHY? WHY???". Ahhh, my little dictator.

After a LOT of traffic we arrived at our hotel (which was GORGEOUS! - Hilton Garden Inn on 14th), unloaded the car, handed the keys to valet and got into our room.


"Mommy? I want to go home."



Amanda said...

Gatta love those pancakes! Ally's comfort food. Who would have know that would have put her to sleep for the rest of the trip.