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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am Old and Why Ally Will Always Know Her Metal Bands

We took Ally to her 1st hockey game today.

That's not why I feel old.

She wanted to know "when the hockey was going to start?" while piling in the popcorn.
3 minutes into the 1st period she started asking "when's the hockey going to end?"

During a break in the action, "You Give Love a Bad Name" started playing. The 3 teenagers behind us started guessing who sang it. THEY HAD TO GUESS...

Now I feel old!

"I think its Poison..."
"No, no...Its probably Motley Crue..."
"My mom loves 80's music"
"Ya, I think its Motley Crue"

Seriously?!?! Motley Crue?! Poison?!?! The seventeen year olds of today can mistake Bon Jovi for Motley Crue or Poison? They had to call one of their parents for the answer.

Now I feel old. Very, very old.

Then of course, in their next breath, one of the teenagers answered his cell and began to discuss how he shouldn't be bothered with a phone call when the only stollen prescription drugs involved are Adirol or Xanax. He doesn't move for anything less than "some good X".

I am old. Very, very old. AND if a lack of 80's metal band knowledge separates Ally from drugs, she will be very, very well versed!


KellyABean said...

YIKES!! That's just scary!

Amanda said...

Wow, I don't know what to say about those teenagers behind you. As for Ally, I'm sure she'll have a good head on her shoulders when she's that age and you won't have to worry about it (or I'll kick her butt)!

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