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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Allison vs The Probe

I never really wrote about our experience with the impedance probe. Let's just say it will be a cold day in hell before I put her through that again. She was pathetic.

She wouldn't drink.

She wouldn't eat.

She wouldn't talk.

She wouldn't even swallow her own spit...

We ended up pulling it out early the next morning before we brought it all back to the hospital.

It was a horrible experience. My heart broke into a 1,000 pieces that day and night. Watching my child rather drool on herself then swallow. Refusing to talk. Refusing to even cry anymore.

But that didn't stop us from taking pictures.

SO without further ado...Here's

Ally vs The Probe

Allison Versus the Probe1 (by floreksa)

Ally vs Probe2 (by floreksa)


Kassie said...

that is all kinds of sweet and wrong rolled into one! I'm glad it turned out ok and hopefully it'll never be needed again!

Lisa said...

Poor thing. She's such a beauty though.

Amanda said...

I love the poster for the pictures! She looks so miserable, but at least she is OK now.