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Saturday, March 03, 2007

......And I'm Back!

Things have been incredibly busy here at Casa de Sarah.

Like I've said, I've been helping set up a new Mommy Forum called Mommy-Zone and can I just say that it ROCKS!!! We're really taking off to. Over 600 members and the site's been live for only a week now. Its been a lot of work though, and still more to come.

On the D front, I got my a1c back - 7.2% Not as great as I'd like, but still better then I've ever done none pg. I owe that all to the D blog world! Seriously, before I started this blog, 8% was my "normal". Since blogging, <7.5% has been my "normal". Sure some could say that its the residual pregnancy regime that's still with me. I can honestly say "uh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" to that one! I fell so hard and so fast from the preg regime that I'm pretty sure if someone had done an A1c during the 1st 9 months after Ally, I'd have been in the 10's%.

Nope, my D control can be 100% linked to the community here. You all inspire to keep on top of things, to test and just to be "aware" of my D.

I thank you for that!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go on that AWESOME A1C!

You play a big part of the D blog world too - so thank you for all you do for us!