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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


A's had a fever now for about a day an a half. She's miserable. Motrin brings it down toot-sweet, but cracks her out for about 2 hours, then she crash and burns. We just dosed her up and put her to bed at close to 104°. sigh I'm guessing roseola, but gosh darn why can't the tell tale rash appear WITH the fever, instead of after?

Called the Nurse on call and was told to treat at home unless she shows signs of dehydration, if other symptoms appear or if the fever is still present on Thurs. So its a wait and see thing. I don't do well with "waiting" or "seeing". This momma bear needs to know what's up, and needs to knock this virus the hell out of her little cub!


Bernard said...

Poor thing. When our children have had fever problems we've used Motrin and Tylenol together. Give Motrin and then 2 hours later give Tylenol.

It doesn't give you complete overlap, because Motrin is 4 hours and Tylenol if 6. But it can help a lot. And then popsicles for fever and hydration are generally a well-received treat.

I hope she feels better soon.