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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


So I received my shiny, new updated Cozmo pump last night. Grabbed the laptop, and proceed to swear A LOT.

1) CD tray which opens up whenever the hell it feels like it, possessed by unseen forces, open, close, open, close, open, close...REFUSED to open. Downright nasty about it. Rebooted 2x and had to use the special tool (aka paper clip) to force it open.

2) Computer then refused to recognize that there was now a disk in the drive. For 25 minutes. ya, fun. Then decided that what I had really wanted to do was invisibly launch the installer, over and over and over again. It was kind enough to tell me that I could only run one instance of the installer approximately a bazillion times. One.after.the.other.

3) Computer now toying with me. Mocking me. Dangerously tempting me to chuck it out the window. "Infrared port on the front? You want to use THAT? You're shitting me right? You can't use that? THAT'S only for the optional remote control!"...Cause ya, I need a remote to watch a movie on a freakin laptop.

My IR port, purchased specifically for this task of communicating my pump with my computer...That folks, is of course in storage. Not 1 but 2. Yes, I have 2 IR ports, BOTH.IN.STORAGE.

I'm pretty sure it was DH's love for me, but can't rule out his love of the laptop, which prompted him to get in the car, drive to storage (which I am told is probably the scariest place on earth after dark) and retrieve a port from me.

Total time I estimated would be required to program and "go live" with new pump : 1/2 hour, TOPS.

Actual total time required to "go live" : closer to 3.


Kassie said...

ha! Went throught that myself recently. sort of. gave up on laptop altogether and used the quick program feature on the pump rather than the software. Need to fix IR thingy though so I can add the food database!

Zazzy said...

So your laptop is possessed? Good luck with the shiny new pump :-)

Bernard said...

Thanks for the heads-up about this. I'm thinking of a Cozmo and I'd like to be able to program it and download the data. If I need a funky IR port to do that, it may be a non-starter.

How is the pump working out otherwise?

floreksa said...

Love the pump, love the company. Update is groovy too. Unfortunately you do need the IR port to get the Meal Maker working and to update the food lists. I'm pretty sure most other tasks can be done through the pump.

If you do get a Cozmo, ask your rep if he has a port. He gave me 1 for free (of course I had just ordered one the day before..That's why I have 2 now).

They're USB, fairly user friendly, when they're not packed, 10 miles away in storage. LOL