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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quickset Help!!!

I don't know what in the hell I'm doing wrong, but I'm going through Quicksets like their ice cream melting in the sun.

Seriously, I love these sets when they work. I love that they actually stick to me without 3 IV3000's stuck all over.

Lately though....geez. On Saturday I changed my site. I was unexplainably in the 300's so figured I'd change her out a day early.

1st attempt - sticker folded up inside the serter. Looked almost as if the sticker had a larger circumfrence then the serter. Took a while, along with a few swears to get it out. Along with a little mopping of blood from the needle skipping over my skin.

2nd attempt - Same.Fucking.Thing. Clean serter with some goo be gone. Stomach now looks like I got into it with Freddy Kruger.

3rd attempt - goes in fine. Rage bolus BIG TIME. NO regard for insulin on board or correction ratios. I dial in enough to sink Titanic. 2 hours later, I've dropped a whopping 15 points. Rip site out only to realize it was a gusher. Lovely.

4th attempt - good to go. Bottom out at 2am and again at 6am. Thankfully I planned ahead and had a banana waiting by my bed.

Fast forward to today.

I put in a new site about an hour before supper. Eat 1/2 what I was planning on, but had already bolused for full amount. Sit around and wait for the inevitable low. 3 hours later and I'm still waiting (and not testing like a freakin moron). Finally test...404..What.the.fuck! Pull site out and put new one in. Rage bolus with a vegence. 5 units in and I've got a blockage. Another gusher. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I've gone back to my softsets and again look like an IV patient gone mad with IV3000's. I'm too angry to try another quickset at the moment.

So....What am I doing wrong?!!!!!


Kevin said...

Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear you're having such difficulties.

With the gushers, the blocked delivery, and the crazy readings, my only guess is that it may be more related to where you're inserting the sites than the actual quicksets (which, by the way, I'm a big fan of and a total late-comer to and totally share your disdain for IV3000 crap all over my abdomen).

Try a completely new area, perhaps? I'm a big fan of my new method of methodically rotating my sites. Each new site goes 1 inch next to the previous one and I move back and forth across my abdomen: 1 row across the bottom, and then another row back across the top. Gives each area a guaranteed 6 weeks to heal before I'm even back in that neck of the woods (if you will).

Good luck! And I hope things improve.

Megan said...

I find my best sets work with IV prep under the site, allowed to dry all the way, than one IV3000 over the site. I put it totally over the site than use the connecter bit to poke a hole through the IV3000 to conncet. I also find thigh sites stick better than abdomen sites.

I've never used a quickset though, but hope this helps.