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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Did someone say traffic?

So I spent the day out with my mom, my memere and Ally. We were up at the camp in the mountains and decided to go to the big "city" in the mountains which is about 40 minutes west of the camp. I drove. Spent all day there, thunderstorms EVERYWHERE, eat lunch, head back to the camp.

Get back and there's complete darkness. Storm knocked the power out. I pack up and head home. Cause seriously, there's very little you can do in a 960 sqft cottage, in the dark with 5 adults, 2 toddlers and 4 dogs besides go insane.

MAJOR MISTAKE.................

Start heading home...10 minutes into my ride, I hit my first downed tree, then my 2nd, then my 3rd. Get into "Tofu City" and am suddenly in the worlds LARGEST traffic jam. Turns out a tree fell on the interstate and everyone is getting off the highway and now taking major road 1 into "Crap City". Wedge my car into the line and silently start swearing as I'm still a good 20 miles from home and need to follow major road #1 just about ALL the way there. 35 minutes later and I'm at "point of no return" - its either take this right, or keep going and pray the traffic eases up (I'm following a river on my left with a mountain on my right). There's no more turning until I'm in "Crap City". I keep going.

Roll, stop, roll, stop, roll, stop .....

"Allison STOP kicking my chair"

"No Allison, Daddy can't come pick us up"

"Yes Allison the stupid cars should just go home"

roll, stop, roll, stop, roll, stop.....

About 2 miles past "point of no return" - oh look, they're turning All the cars around. A power line is down across major road 1. I now get to follow all of the cars, BACK to "point of no return" and follow them up major road #2. Police are JUST putting up a road blockade when I make it back to "point of no return" & major road #2.

Took me another 20 minutes of roll, stop, roll, stop to get to major road #3 which was THANKFULLY clear and I was able to make it home from there.

A 35-40 minute drive AT MOST, took me over 2 hours today (and that was to get the to 1/2 way point).

Supposedly the area my sister and mom live in got hit REAL hard. Neighbor called them at the cottage to let them know their houses are all ok, but there's trees and power lines down every where there.


Lisa said...

Arrrgh...I hate traffic!

Amanda said...

Wow, that sucks! I can imagine how it was to keep Ally entertained while stuck in the traffic. Yikes!

Major Bedhead said...

Hey! It's not Crap City, it Gritty Urban Industrial City To The South Of Hipsterville. So there.


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