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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obstructed View

Obstructed View, originally uploaded by floreksa.

Only for my Sox, would I sit in a seat smaller than the smallest airline seat with a pitch designed for someone roughly 4'10" for 6 hours, pay $50 for the privilege and NOT be able to see the batter.

Baseball - BORING AS ALL HELL when you can't see home base or the batter. Had this been my 1st trip ever to Fenway, it would have also been my last.

When the tickets say they're obstructed, they're not suggesting that you might not be able to see a tad bit of the field. They mean you're going to miss vast portions of the game.

May I suggest NEVER buying a ticket in Section 20 seats 1 - 6ish, any row?


Major Bedhead said...

Oh, man, that sucks!

Jeff said...

The old Garden had seats with similar views. You could sit through an entire game and never be sure of who was playing, the Bruins or the Celtics!

Better seats next time.

Molly Loves Paris said...

I'm sorry about your bad seat. You just never know. I've had an almost great seat and then a really big person comes and sits in front of me. Last year for our anniversary we went to see a game in Yankee Stadium, which is about 3000 miles from where we live, and I got an absolutely perfect seat. I make a point of never asking my husband how much the seats cost, though I know that the ones at the very very top are only $10. I hope you get a great seat next time.