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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Men and Their Toys

What is it with guys and toys that are expensive, BIG and highly breakable by toddlers?

DH "finally" got his big screen TV on Monday. 46" inch Samsung DLP. Of course with the new, BIG (read $$), TV came the need for a new entertainment center (read more $$), and oh hey we also "need" a new DVD player that can upconvert from 760p to 1080i (read even more $$) and to actually have that conversion take place we need a $120 cable (a little piece of wire costs $120??!!!!!)...Oh and by the way, the playstation2 looks like crap on the big TV, so we need to buy a component cable to help fix that, but lucky me, Playstation3 (when released) will have all its games in at least 760p...Joy of all Joys!! How I ever got this lucky I'll never know!!

Of course my life is now filled with "No Allison, don't touch, that's Daddy's" The new entertainment system has no doors, so there's LOTS of shiney things that have lights on them for her to touch! Do manufacturers HAVE children??!! Seriously, WHY would you illuminate the power button of a DVD player in blue? Why not just give me a big, blazing arrow that blinks "PUSH HERE ALLY!"

Men! Can't live with them, and they can't live at Circuit City.