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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sick Again, Sick again.....

Ugh, this winter its been one darn bug after another! What is going on? I'm now hacking my lungs out and sound like Jack Klugman.

My kingdom for some sleep!! I spent all of last night either coughing myself into a fit, or waking myself up with my own snores :shock:..The night before was the mother of all nightmares....Full night of killer, 6-foot, talking, Pink Rabbit. Horrible, scared the crap out of myself all night, and seriously, you'd think Bunny, Pink..How scary can that be?? Pretty damn when its bigger then you and can tell you that its gonna chop you and your DH and DD up for its version of "Rabbit Stew". And to think I don't even eat rabbit!

Praying that DD doesn't get this one. The last thing she needs is to get sick again. We're just finally getting some weight back on to her.