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Monday, May 08, 2006

18 Months

You turned 18 months last Tuesday and unfortunately you haven't been the happiest camper. This past week, you've been clingy, and whiney, and cry-y and just downright miserable. I can't blame you though. You've had to have bloodwork done 2x because the stupid lab screwed a part of it up (and let me tell you, it broke my heart when you put your arm out and pointed to where they were going to jab you), you've had shots, you've got fluid in your ears again which means the ear infection gods are just toying with us right now....AND you're cutting your 2 yr molars which are apparently taking their sweet old time and want us all to die a firey death before they break through...

On other notes, though...Your vocab is amazing and it seems to explode on an almost daily basis. Auntie Melissa taught you to oink like a pig, which is just the cutest thing since your "oinks" sound like a reverse snore (you're exhaling, instead of inhaling). I'm gonna have to get a recording of it to share with the world. You can also make doggy noises, owl noises, cow noises and cat noises (when I remind you that they go "meow"). You can identify your nose, eyes, ears, teeth, belly and belly-button. You LOVE doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider".

Grampy bought you a climber slide and you think mommy and daddy are cruel people for not letting you play outside 24/7. You love opening the door, climbing up on to the platform and pushing yourself down the slide.

We celebrated Easter this month too and you were in love with the little puppy that was at Memere's. You followed him around EVERYWHERE and were so gentle with him. Made me want to get you one, until I remembered that I don't want another thing that poops, pees and needs to be feed on a daily basis!

Uncle Jeff seems to be turning into your favoritest person in the whole wide world. He stopped over for a few minutes the other day, and you had the most despondent look on your face when he left. It was almost as if you were too sad to even say "BUH-bye!". Your parents, on the other hand, you seem to keep us around, only for the occasional "Scooby Snack" and helicopter spin around the livingroom (which only daddy gives you since they scare the crap out of me every single time he does it!).

We are counting our blessings at the moment since you are still a great sleeper. So much so that when we ask you "Is it time for Night-Nights?", you actually say "yef!", grab "bankie" and yell "up!" so that you can get over the gate and start climbing the stairs to your room.

And you still don't say "no". At all, not once!


julia said...

She doesn't say no?!! What kind of alien being do you have over there? Mine doesn't say no, but she sure has perfected shaking her head most emphatically.

Sarah said...

She JUST started shaking her head no this weekend. LOL