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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lancet, Lancet, Who's got the Lancet?

So the "new and improved, reborn D" Sarah, has been leaving her testing supplies out, so that I see them, and actually remember to test. This has been quite successful, until last night.

I started running low around 7pm last night. Felt shaky in the shower (which is never fun!). Got out, had some frosted mini wheats and obviously ate more then 15g. Left testing supplies on table to remember to test after Lost to make sure I'm not flying high.

Finish watching a kick-@ss episode of Lost, go to table...Meter - Check!, Test strips - Check!, Lancet - lancet?, lancet?, lancet?? Ah, crap, where the hell's the lancet. Start searching the kitchen, blaming the cats. Searched under the fridge, under the stove, in all crevices...everywhere. Swearing now starts and DH gets called downstairs to help.

How in the hell did the cats play with my lancet without me hearing the tell-tale sounds of it being batted around the kitchen? Hmmm, WAIT A MINUTE!!! There's a much sneakier, much quieter criminal in the house! Ok, if I was 18 months old, where would I put a lancet? Trash? Probably. - Dig threw, EWWWWW, no lancet
Toy box? - Even closer, but no go....

Where did I find my lancet finally? In her Muppets lunchbox. Of course! If she was awake she would've looked at me like I was nuts not to look there first.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Even I would have looked first in the muppets lunchbox...I mean, it IS a muppets lunchbox! Duh!


Kassie said...

I totally want a muppets lunchbox!!