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Saturday, May 06, 2006


So I got my copy of When You're a Parent with Diabetes by Kassie Friday afternoon. Finished the book that night. All I can say is BRAVO Kassie!!!

I loved it! It's a quick, easy read (and honestly when you're a parent - nevermind one with D, who has time to read?), her "voice" really shines through (some days, I swear Kassie is my long lost sister!), and I love that its written by someone who lives with these challenges day in and day out, instead of some pushy MD that really has no clue what daily life is like. And hey, "knowing" the author and over 95% of the people quoted in the book is really, REALLY cool!!!

Of course the first thing I did was flip through, to find myself, LOL, and was quickly pulling out names! Even DH recognized some of the people.

Anyway, Kassie, I think you did an AMAZING job!! The book is great and should be a vaulable resource for all parents with diabetes!!!! I give it 5 stars out of 5!!


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

hmmm, sounds like another book i must buy and add to my collection. i have no children of yet but my boyfriend and i would like a child at some point. should read it now while i have the chance.

c ya

Kassie said...

WOW Thank you Sarah!

I really appreciate the feedback. I am *totally* tapping you for a review when the book is for sale on Amazon!

Sarah said...

I already tried to leave one ;)...You know I'm all over it, once I can leave it!!