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Friday, September 14, 2007

Day Care Started It

I had given up on potty training. Whats a pull-up here? A diaper there, if it meant a clean house and one less living thing puking/peeing on my floors (don't get me started on the cats). It wasn't happening. Ally won, I was starting my email campaign to Pampers to create college sized pull-ups. I was done.

Day Care - Not so much.

She stripped Ally down, put on the last pair of underoos I had given her months ago, and let Ally have at it. Ally went almost all day diaper and accident free.

I wasn't ready to take this plunge. The carpet, its everywhere in our house. Day care forced me into this corner. The girl likes her princess underoos.

"Ally, do you need to go pee-pee?"
"how about now?"
"now?" I ask like an addict waiting for its methadone hit, carpet cleaner in one hand, bathroom door knob in the other.

We've already had a close call. Oh lord was it close.

Please let this work. The carpets can't handle anymore mystery stains.


George said...

Honestly, Daycare were the ones who potty trained our first one. We were fed up with changing him all the time or his bed in the middle of the night. "He's go when he's ready" we would say but he probably would still not be ready.

After 2 accidents the first week, he was done and one night (I swear) of a wet bed and it was over.

I guess he was ready and maybe we weren't.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting the WDD banners. I could not be more appreciative. In case you are wondering what else is going on, here is a little update.

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