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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blecky Blahs...

I've been suffering from the meanest case of the blahs lately. The house isn't selling. We're in a perpetual holding pattern. I haven't bothered to look at houses, since what's the use. The market is so horrible, I doubt ours will ever sell. No sense in drooling over what will never be.

I'm also suffering from "Everything we own is in fucking storage" syndrome.

Wanna make cinnamon buns? - sorry rolling pin's in storage

Make some nice pulled pork for sandwiches? - Crockpot = storage

Let Ally play with any of the 13 bazillion toys we bought her last yr. - no problemo!...after a short ride and an hour or two of searching through miscellaneous boxes.

"Ugh....Sigh...Blech" Its been my moto lately and I can't shake it. I hate when I get this way. I've tried new hobbies. They mess the house up, and oh, ya there's no where to store them, that doesn't make the house look cluttered, which makes selling the house that much more difficult. How is it OUR luck, that we decide to sell, gussy the house up, get it on the market and no lie, 2 weeks later, report after report after report are released outlining the dismal state of the housing market. Grrrrr-fucking-eat!

The monotonousness (is that a word?) of each day is getting to me. Wake, wash, dress, eat, work, home, cook, eat, bed, rinse, lather, repeat until I want to run screaming from the hills. I need to shake things up, but I have no idea how.


Catie said...

you've been tagged!

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Love ya girl!