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Sunday, September 02, 2007

My First Time

No, not THAT first time. Get your mind out of the gutter, people.

It was my first time actually driving into the city. Well, that's a lie. DH drove into the city. But we'd never actually driven in, ALL the way in. We parked at the Prudential Center.

It was my first time eating at Cheers.

It was my first time navigating the T, without a local friend with me.

It wasn't my first baseball game, but IT WAS MY FIRST GAME AT FENWAY!

It was an amazing night. My first Sox game, a NO HITTER. Ortiz hits a bases clearing (as in ALL of them) double. Youk hits a homerun. Buchholz throws a no hitter. The crowd was insane. Buchholz.throws.a.NO.HITTER.

A father and son were sitting next to me. The boy couldn't have been older than 8. His 1st game also. During the 1st inning dad said they'd leave at 9pm. It was a long ride home. After Ortiz's hit in the 4th, he said they'd leave before 10. By the 6th, when it was looking like a no hitter, Dad was just making sure he wasn't too tired and by the 9th he was hugging him trying to get him to understand the momentous history he was witnessing.

My throat is killing me. TV does NOT adequately express the volume of the stadium last night. 36,819 fans all screaming, clapping. Its loud. Its contagious. I'm not a "yell out loud" kind of person, but there I was in Section 8, row 5, seat 16 screaming my head off.

My first game. Wow.


cesnh said...

Watching it on TV was amazing - I can't even imagine how cool it was to be there. Even watching the faces of those of you present made us smile. And, we were yelling out here at home.

Major Bedhead said...

I am GREEN with envy. Green.

Such a great game. I cried a bit when he threw that last strike. It was amazing.

Bernard said...

That's great. Now you'll have to go to all the games where that kid is pitching. You don't want to break his luck!

One of my first games had a triple play in it and we'd scored awesome seats. What fun!