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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shhhhh!! We're Diaper Free!

This is a non-announcement. Its a whisper of sorts. A passing thought. This is NOT an announcement. I'm sure if I was to make an announcement the pee fairies will come and smite me with the puddles and the messes.

We have been accident free, diaper free since Friday night.

You didn't hear this from me though. OOoooh, no, no!! A passing birdy told you. Not me.

That birdy would also tell you how Friday, she was doing great. Until the 1st miss. We made it to the bathroom, but not the toilet. Then the second, which was less of a miss and more of a "Let's watch the puddle get bigger", and "BONUS mommy's crying - YES!".

Seems after that though, it all clicked. I send her to daycare and she comes home with the same pants on. We even braved a Costco trip. With the exception of tons of tears, we were dry, dry, dry.

My baby wears Big Girl Pants!! *sniff, sniff*

Wait, what am I thinking! Hip, Hip, Hooray!! What should I spend all that freed up cash on.....