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Friday, March 21, 2008

I'll Never Learn

Seriously, what mad person would tell a three year old that there is going to be a "big party" on Sunday. Its wrong on so many levels. Yet, hello kettle, its me calling you black.

It spilled out of my mouth like a fine, smooth chocolate. It was Wednesday night, 10:30 AT NIGHT and she was no where near asleep.

"Ally if you don't go to sleep RIGHT NOW you won't go to the big party on Sunday!"

And in that instant my life changed. I have now spent every waking moment with Ally attempting to teach her the days of the week and the passage of time.

"Odebody going to the party? All my sisters and brother?"

I love odebody! and don't ask me where she gets sisters and a brother. It's always sisterS and 1 brother. Is she trying to tell me something? I AM NOT planning on more than 1 more pregnancy and it sure as hell better not be triplets!

Back to the party. Every 5 mintues. "Mommy we going to the big, big party now? With the big kids? Now? NOW? I.WANT.TO.GO.NOW!"

I've been reduced to telling her she still has 2 more bedtimes before the party. Its going to be a long weekend.


Major Bedhead said...

I've tagged you for the Six Words meme.