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Friday, March 28, 2008

Prayers for Western MA

There were 2 big fires here, less than a day apart.

In one (Spartan Brake and Muffler) a friend of the Bosses' here at work was severely burned and is now in Boston clinging to life.

The other happened just a few hours ago. A tanker carrying jet fuel just overturned on Interstate 91, fell off the highway onto several cars. It took approximately an hour and a half for the foam rescue trucks from Westover Air Force Base to put it out. All we know right now is that the driver was severely burnt (one of our Technicians was on the highway right when it happened and saw a man on fire).

We need some good news out here.


Major Bedhead said...

The truck driver passed away either last night or this morning. Very sad, indeed.

Jeff said...

How awful.