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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Men and Their Toys

What is it with guys and toys that are expensive, BIG and highly breakable by toddlers?

DH "finally" got his big screen TV on Monday. 46" inch Samsung DLP. Of course with the new, BIG (read $$), TV came the need for a new entertainment center (read more $$), and oh hey we also "need" a new DVD player that can upconvert from 760p to 1080i (read even more $$) and to actually have that conversion take place we need a $120 cable (a little piece of wire costs $120??!!!!!)...Oh and by the way, the playstation2 looks like crap on the big TV, so we need to buy a component cable to help fix that, but lucky me, Playstation3 (when released) will have all its games in at least 760p...Joy of all Joys!! How I ever got this lucky I'll never know!!

Of course my life is now filled with "No Allison, don't touch, that's Daddy's" The new entertainment system has no doors, so there's LOTS of shiney things that have lights on them for her to touch! Do manufacturers HAVE children??!! Seriously, WHY would you illuminate the power button of a DVD player in blue? Why not just give me a big, blazing arrow that blinks "PUSH HERE ALLY!"

Men! Can't live with them, and they can't live at Circuit City.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Sick Again, Sick again.....

Ugh, this winter its been one darn bug after another! What is going on? I'm now hacking my lungs out and sound like Jack Klugman.

My kingdom for some sleep!! I spent all of last night either coughing myself into a fit, or waking myself up with my own snores :shock:..The night before was the mother of all nightmares....Full night of killer, 6-foot, talking, Pink Rabbit. Horrible, scared the crap out of myself all night, and seriously, you'd think Bunny, Pink..How scary can that be?? Pretty damn when its bigger then you and can tell you that its gonna chop you and your DH and DD up for its version of "Rabbit Stew". And to think I don't even eat rabbit!

Praying that DD doesn't get this one. The last thing she needs is to get sick again. We're just finally getting some weight back on to her.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Health Insurance SUCKS! But what's the alternative?

ARGH!!! Why can't insurance companies get on the damn boat and realize that living with diabetes is annoying enough. They really don't need to add extra crap! DH just got a new job FOR THE INSURANCE COMPANY and now I guess I'm going to have to change all of my meters. My freakin pump comes with a built in meter that takes ALL the work out of correcting my blood sugar. You'd think that the isurance company would love this, right? NOOoooooooOOOOOOOoo. I can't use the strips that that meter takes (well I can, but I will have to spend approx the GNP of a small Latin American Country on copays for them).....ARGH!!

To top it off, I'd bet good money that the only test strips that are on the "cheap" prescription list (if $50 can be called "cheap")will be the basic ones and so help me, I am NOT going back to the basic "it needs more blood then the Red Cross takes during a donation" model....Nope sorry, looks like I'm gonna have to figure out that GNP and which country it is, cause I'm gonna be forking over big time!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Being sick sucks

Ok, so I suck at updating this, but I have my reasons!! Mainly an incredibly sick child who hurled every last virus at her momma!! Last Thursday I was praying for that bright light to take me away! I hurt in places I wasn't sure I could hurt. My fingers hurt, my back hurt, my toes hurt, my head get the point.

Poor little Ally hasn't faired much better. We've had a cold, a stomach bug, and now the mother of all illnesses, THE FLU...dum, dum, dummmmmm. We ended up at Urgent Care yesterday morning and then at the hospital to have some bloodwork done...Thankfully nothing is wrong, other then her being plain sick, but holding your child through another blood-draw was not what I had on my agenda for a relaxing Sunday (the two things on that agenda was breakfast out and getting the Christmas tree - all assuming Ally was feeling better).

On the way home from the Hospital, I very causally mentioned that maybe we should just forget about a tree this year. DH, apparently, valiently fought off losing control of the car and having a heart attack. Poor DH still hasn't had the Christmas Tree shopping experience he's always wanted. Poor guy is delusional that one day we will all go out drinking hot cocoa, singing Christmas carols while we snowshoe into a beautiful snowy meadow to cut down that perfect tree.....Instead, he brought us home, left the 2 of us on the couch while he trudged to Home Depot, fought the crowd and bought the first tree that wouldn't give Charlie Brown's a run for its money......Ahhh, the holiday memories to cherish at Home Depot.

What I've learned about illnesses with a 1 year old......

1) Noggin is god's gift to parents. It didn't matter how hard she was crying if I put Noggin on, all would be right with the world (her's not mine....I, personally, want Franklin to die and have serious doubts about the intelligence level of Dora since she never seems to see that sneaky Swipper and couldn't find the 3 bunches of bananas hanging right over her head without our help.)
2) Oatmeal looks the same coming out as going in.
3) Jack's Big Music Show ROCKS!!!!
4) My DD loves seltzer water. Why, you ask, would I give her selzter water (soda water)? I didn't, my mom did and I still haven't gotten the whole story as to why, but at that point all I cared was that she had actually drank something.
5) No one can explain the difference between a warm mist and cool mist vaporizer.