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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

19 Months

Mommy's late again, but I have my reasons.

You turned 19 months on Friday. You still constantly amaze me. On Thursday while I was sitting in the livingroom, you suddenly disappeared and got real quiet. I found you in the kitchen looking like Big Lou behind the bar, ready to start happy hour.

You had pulled out one of the chairs at the table, grabbed a bottle of water and a plastic cup and you were as content as a clam pouring yourself shots of water and gulping them down. I would've grabbed the camera if I wasn't hyperventalating over you being so grown up!
Big Girl

Then of course, there's your recent addiction to FlavorIce. Not that I can blame you, I'm a bit of a FlavorIce connieseur too. You are very adament, though that you have you very own. No sharing for you! No, no, no!!

You can now say your name "A-yee", Auntie "Ah-eee", Jeff "Jefffffffffs", Nicky "Ne-ee", ball "ballll" and so many others. You try to sing your ABC's "e,e,e,e,e" and Baa-Baa, Black Sheep "Baa, baa, baa, baa, baa,baa, yesch, yesch, yesch"...

Your hair...Can we talk about your hair?
Holy Hair!
It is soo funny. It will start the day out a frizzy, rats nest of a doo, but with the humidity lately, it ends up in the worlds most perfect head of ringlets.

I saw a picture of your daddy this weekend when he was probably 3 yrs old. YOU ARE ALL HIM!! There is not 1 piece of mommy in you. If I didn't have the scar proving..... It was amazing. I was missing you so much while I was in VT and then there was this picture. If it wasn't for the 1970's fading and boys cloths, I would've bet hard earned money that that was you in the picture. I NEED a copy of that picture.

Each month I wonder how you could possibly get any cuter, or how I could possibly love you any more then I already do. This month was no different. I don't know if I could pick a favorite age. Right now though, is definitely one of the best!