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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time heals what reason cannot.

First off, sorry for going so long between posts. My heart just hasn't been in it.

DH's cousin died during the early morning hours of June 1st. She was only 35. We traveled to Northern VT this weekend for the services. She was so young and she had 3 kids (16, 14, and 7) that she was raising alone. Those poor kids are all up in the air right now. The youngest 2's father has taken them all in and is in the process of becoming the oldest's legal guardian.

Its been a long weekend. Didn't help that by Sunday I was missing Ally A LOT. By Monday, I was literally frantic wanting to get back home to her. Of course then I felt overwhelming guilt that here I was wanting to leave family that had lost their daughter/mother/sister because I couldn't go 48 hours without seeing mine.