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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ranty Kindof Day

Ok, no idea why I'm thinking of this, but I HATE, H.A.T.E. the stupid Foxwood's Casino commericals. I hate the jingle, I hate how clean and SMOKE FREE the place looks. What a freaking crock. Even the smoke free area, tucked away in a back corner in a janitor's closet is full of people smoking and THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!! And lets talk about the people in the commerical. All young and pretty and dressed to the hilt. HA! Let's get real here.

Don't get me started on the United Bank "Personal Banker" commericals either. If that annoying lady says one more time "A Personal Banker means just that, we Personalize your banking experience" I will in fact be forced to drive to all of the United Banks, find her and throttle her. Wait, WHAT? Did you just define a phrase using the 2 damn words IN the phrase? In what holy world is that ok? We couldn't waste another 20 seconds of film, hand the moronic lady (a lady who is moronic) a damn dictionary and tell her to try again?



julia said...


Thank you. I loathe and despise those Foxwood commercials. Get a new jingle, for the love of god! NESN runs those commercial eleventy-squillion times during the Sox games and it drives me MENTAL.

Y'know who else makes me want to claw my ears off my head? Bob's Furniture. I HATE them. Hate, hate, hate, HATE them. I wouldn't buy their furniture if they were the last furniture place on the planet. It's cheap, it's ugly, but most of all, their commercials SUCK!

*pant, pant* Ok. I'm done now. :D

Sarah said...

Yup its those NESN Sox games that are causing me to bore my ears off.

Bob's commericals = ANNOYING, but my dad worked with Bob when they were building the Scratch and Dent warehouse and he said he's probably the nicest guy my dad's ever met. Too bad he couldn't make better commericals.