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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some Days I Wonder.....

So I've got the mother of all headaches right now. One of those "my head is going to split open and unleash demons upon the earth" kinds. So I pop some Excedrin Migrain and decide to buy myself a coffee on the way to work for that extra caffeine kick.

Go in.

"I'll have a large, iced carmel, cream only - dark."

"What size?" (as if all I had said was "coffee, me"


"Cream or sugar" (ok, WTF, am I talking to myself??!!)

"Cream - dark" (irritation creaping into my voice)

What did I get? A large, REGULAR iced coffee, so freaking light I don't even think you can call it coffee. I think she waved the coffee over the top of the cup.

Its gonna be a BAAAA-aaad day.