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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tagged, like a deer....

Yikers I've been tagged by Kassie

Ok, 5 things that I haven't already blurbed about myself here.....Hmmmmmmmmmmm

1.) I HATED swimming, yet did so competitively from the time I was 5 or 6 up until my Junior Yr of High School (maybe Hate is too strong, I LOVED practicing, hated the time consuming black hole it was). Swam for my local Y for most of it (up until the end of my Freshman year). I wasn't an awesome swimmer, but held my own. The thought of quitting terrified me, though. I finally quit the local Y team so that I could play my true love, Volleyball through high school.

2.)I've never broken a bone. Not even a teeny-tiny toe. Never had stiches either.

3.)I wore a backbrace for a little over 2 yrs because of lumbardosis when I was around 10. It wrapped completely around my back and stomach and was cinched together in the back. I spent probably 3 or 4 yrs going to Shriners to be treated for it.

4)...ya, um, 4)....I need a life (or need to stop being soo honest all the time)! No....Ok, I don't sleep at night. I have no trouble falling asleep, but staying asleep. Doesn't happen. I toss and turn and toss and turn. Its gotta be genetic because my mom, dad and sister are the same way. Leads to a very grumpy me most days.

5)I NEED people to like me and avoid conflict like the plague. I'm seriously sick that way. If I know someone doesn't like me it drives me insane. Just yesterday, I had to leave negative feedback for an eBay Seller (item was COMPLETELY not as described and STUNK)....I didn't even leave negative, just neutral because he offered to take it back, but wanted ME to pay to ship it back to him (hmmmmmm, $.99 book, already spent $2.50 for him to ship it to me, another $2.50 to send it back??? I'm not the brightest bulb, but $5.00 for a $.99 refund just doesn't add up in my boook....) It kills me now that this guy is pissed at me....Like I said, I need some SERIOUS help!

I'm not sure who has/hasn't done this yet, so I guess I'll just tag:

and Andrea


Scott K. Johnson said...

Good stuff!

I'm (to a point) the same way with conflict and such. I hate it.

Joya Z said...

I have a 10 year old that has Lumbardosis. For some reason the chiropractor and medical doctor don't think she needs a back brace but as her mother, I do. Where did your mother get the back brace from for you at age 10? Did you wear the brace all day or only at night? Was it really uncomfortable for you? This information would really be helpful because I am worried sick about my daughter's posture. It is extremely noticeable during ballet class. All the other children are straight back and my daughter has a duck posture. Please respond. Thanks!

floreksa said...

I was treated at a Shriners Hospital. I'm not sure if you need a referral to be seen there or not.

It was a large brace - from right below my chest to right above my pubic bone and wrapped all the way around me. I wore it 24/7. It was slightly uncomfortable while adjusting to it because it would grind into my hips, so it took a few visits for them to get the fit right and padding areas that would rub. It was also VERY hot in the summer as it was a hard plastic brace. I had to wear cotton tank tops under it to prevent heat rash. It was cumbersome in that you can't bend at the waist while wearing it. Also most jeans didn't fit with it on, so I spent a lot of time in pants with an elastic waist.

The only time I was allowed to take it off was swimming practice and showering.

Joya Z said...

Thanks so much for responding! How many years ago did you wear this brace. While you were working towards the adjustment period, did it feel impossible to wear the brace? Did you cry? Did your mother have to make you wear the brace or did you want to wear it because you could see the need? Is your back completely straight now?

floreksa said...

I was right around 10, I think. I'm sure I had plenty of tears about it and I'm sure there were times my mom had to force me into it. Its funny I don't seem to remember those times that much. It was by no means something I wanted to wear or saw the merit in at the time. I think I didn't like it because it made me "different" and severely limited what I could wear. That aspect was much worse than any discomfort from it.

My back is not completely straight, but its a HUGE improvement over what it was at the time.

I think the braces now are smaller in comparison, but I'm not really sure.

I would suggest getting a 2nd opinion. Mine was pretty obvious, the school screenings for scoliosis picked it up and my Ped agreed right away. It showed up after I had a huge growth spurt (I was my 5'10" height by the time I started wearing the brace).

Joya Z said...

Thank you so much! I have already made an appointment at Shriners but it isn't until October.... bummer.... The school nurse picked it up, the chiropractor picked it up, the pediatrician doesn't support it. She says it is just posture issues but it seems pretty obvious to me for the last 5 years that it is more than just simple posture. Again, thank you for your quick response!