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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Time, Must Bullet

Its been forever and a day since I last posted. Sorry for the drive-by bullet post..

  • My nephew is here!!!!!!!!! He was born on Thanksgiving day and my sister went through hell and back to have him, but he's gorgeous and they're both doing great. 8lbs 1.9oz and 22 inches.
  • A has decided to hit the "terrible 2's". I thought it was bad before. She's taken it to a whole new level. It tiring and frusterating and I hate the parent that I am most of the time. All I do is yell.
  • Cozmo's upgrade should be available soon, very soon. I'm incredibly excited! Already talked with my rep. Supposedly, instead of a download of the software, they're actually just going to send out new pumps. Might pay the $99 to upgrade to the cool new green color!


Kassie said...

I saw the upgrades in August at AADE and was excited about them. I'm looking forward to having the food database :)

What's with the fee to change colors? My color is being discontinued - will they just default to black???

Sarah said...

I don't know...I was wondering about the people with the purple (?) ones.

I asked her about changing color and she really wasn't positive how they'd handle that. She was guessing that you'd have to pay for the color change (its there standard color upgrade charge, I guess)...Who knows, either way I'm JACKED!! Cannot wait. I've "chatted" with Cozmo about 1x every 2 weeks since September about it. LOL

Kassie said...

lol, that would *suck* if they discontinued my color, then charged me to 'change' it. That would be a sneaky way to charge people for upgrades, for sure.

Not my Cozmo people! I'm sure that it'll work out...

Anonymous said...

man, it would cost me like a FORTUNE to upgrade my minimed pump before warranty was over.....Now that they have the 522 with the cgms thingy, $999. ICK!

julia said...

Oh, nice, an upgrade! I want to get the 522 for O, but it's not approved for use in kids yet. Bastids.

Yeah, Boo is two in the worst sense of the word now, too. Not fun at all.

Shannon said...

Ooh, I didn't know about the green pump.

It's Brendon's favorite color. Next time we get an upgrade, I'm sure he'll go for the green.