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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


There are seriously days when I wonder why I work where I work. Ok most days I wonder that, but this past week....Geez

Monday, I had the day from hell.
* A woke up sick. I drugged her and sent her off to daycare, being the caring mother that I am who is also out of paid time off. I get 2 weeks vacation and 4 personal days. I've worked here, full time, since 1999. 7.5 yrs and I still only have 2 weeks vacation!
* I realized AFTER I got to work, that my pump was just about bone dry and the bottle of insulin in my pocketbook was even drier. Driving home at lunch took my entire lunch, so I skipped lunch.
* I had the mother of headaches brewing (got another one today, I swear its this place!)
* and the piece de resistance - got to work and there Zip, zero, zilch. Somehow the utility had screwed up our gas line. It was absolutely freezing. Did we go home? NOooooooooooOOOOOOOoooo, I was handed a small, portable heater and told not to put it on high. The scary thing. NO ONE NOTICED UNTIL 9am! We froze our asses off for over an hour (technically longer since some people come in for 6am) before people began to notice that it was NOTICEABLY colder then normal.

Somehow my boss thinks its perfectly normal to see people wearing their coats, INDOORS, while working. This has been my only "real" job out of college, so I don't know. Is this normal? Every morning I come in and promptly put on my big fleece coat and wear it. ALL.DAY.LONG. It doesn't come off until its time to go home.

I'm NOT a tiny person. I've got fat on my fat, so there's plenty insulation on me. Its just constantly freezing here. We play the thermostat game. One of us bumps up the setting, then we all take bets as to when "the man" sets it back down. I've even ask him for "another coal for the fire, sir?" He laughs.

Its not funny.


Kelsey said...

No, that's not normal!

But then again, I'm in San Diego where it was 70 degrees today... still, you shouldn't have to wear an extra jacket INSIDE!

Is there some labor board you can take this up with :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have to do this too. The AC is cranked all of the time! I leave a jacket at work and have to wear long sleeves and an undershirt all year long! I walk outside (here in Southern CA) and it will be HOT buit freezing inside.

You are not alone.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Not normal at all.

But I have to admit I laughed out loud a few times reading this...

"Here's a heater, but don't put it on high" - that's great stuff right there.

How's your resume look?


Anonymous said...

No, this is not normal! Time to seriously look for another job....