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Saturday, February 11, 2006

This is your mom......

....This is your Mom's brain at 4am....

4am is NOT an acceptable wake up time, Ally!! Especially not on a Saturday, one of the 2 days that Mommy can at least pretend that she gets to sleep in. You know what?? Noggin, is not even on at 4am!! (thank the cable gods for On Demand!).

Seriously, honey, mommy can't function when she gets up at 4am. She needs crack to do that, and she's really trying to cut back and yes, mommy hallucinates bugs at that ungodly hour. 4am really, REALLY makes me want to put the 4-Sale sign around your neck and put you out on the corner.

I knew I was in trouble when you were a crankpot last night and Daddy put you to bed at 6pm. What does he care? Saturday ain't his day! You best bet Daddy will be keeping you up until midnight to ensure that HE gets to sleep in tomorrow.

Luckily (I guess), you decided to grant me a tad glimpse of sanity and let me put you back to bed at 5:15am.

You were back up at 7, though.