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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Home, Sweet Home

Well we're finally home. We got to visit with BIL and FIL for a short while this morning, then decided to pick up "she who cries a lot" and head for home. We figured that DD needed to get home, since she hadn't seen her crib in over 3.5 days. If there's one thing you learn quickly with a toddler, its the overwhelming, life-threatening NEED for structure and routine and we managed to trash hers to itty-bitty bits in the matter of 1 weekend. It wasn't pretty and we're going to have to devote LOTS of manhours re-establishing her routine.

Thankfully, though, both FIL and BIL look great and so far we are in the clear. They've both passed the critical 24 hour mark with flying colors.

Day 2 - just about over, 363 more till we all breathe the "mother" of all relief sighs.

If anyone can recommend a good toddler CD - I'm all ears!! We've now officially logged over 10 hours of Seseame Street this weekend and if Cookie Monster loses his cookie at the disco one more time, I just might lose all of mine, permanently!