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Friday, February 24, 2006

Just Amazing...

So my life (well my entire family’s life) is going to be thrown for a loop in the coming weeks. On Monday, my BIL will be sharing his shiney, healthy, only somewhat used liver with my FIL. He will be donating over 60% of his liver to his dad. The liver has the amazing ability to actually regenerate, so in a little less then 3 months time, BIL will be back to about 80-90% of liver function and FIL should have just about 100% liver function. This is just amazing to me.

We found out 1 week ago today that the surgery would be this Monday. I think we’re all still in a little bit of shock. We knew it was coming, just not that quickly. It was so quick that BIL and SIL had a little courtroom wedding Wednesday afternoon during their lunch break. SIL’s work was refusing to let her take FMLA or use her sick days to help care for them after the surgery since she technically wasn’t “family” (even though they were getting married in July). So I had jokingly suggested that they get married now, and we’ll all just pretend that they didn’t in July. Honestly, never thought that they would actually go through with it. SIL called City Hall, they said “Come on down”. They had to go before a judge to get around the 3 day waiting period; he opened up with a gruff “So what happened?” and was totally shocked at their response (I’m assuming he was expecting more of a redneck, “She’s pregnant, your honor”). Signed their application without another word and wished them the best. Back to City Hall, met with the JP and wham, bam…They’re married!! In attendance, FIL, FIL & BIL’s Boss and SIL’s parents. That’s it.

On Sunday we’re heading to Foxwood’s for some fun before the storm. Hopefully it will keep everyone’s mind off Monday. Don’t care if we get lucky there. I’ll save all my luck for Monday!

Sunday night, we’ll head out to my cousin’s who lives about 15 minutes from the Lahey Clinic and sleep there since we have to be at the hospital for 6am (its about 1.5hrs from our house with no traffic). Come home Monday night, go to work Tues morning, leave at lunch and head back out to the Clinic.

BIL will probably spend about a week in the hospital, FIL 2 weeks.


Kassie said...

good luck to your entire family as you all go through this!

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