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Monday, February 27, 2006

At the Hospital

Well we're here and the waiting has begun. FIL and BIL should be heading into surgery in about a 1/2 hr. We're all in the waiting room now.

Yesterday was an exciting day. DH's aunt and uncle came down from "God's Country" aka Northern Vermont. Hit white outs from the snow storm and ended up in a 25 car pile up. (We seriously need some good luck, if the good luck gods are listening!!!). Luckily they were ok, but their truck was totalled. They had another cousin bring a dolly down to tow it back up north. He ended up in a 20 car pile up. Then got pulled over when he was headed north again, because he didn't have working lights on the dolly....

We went to Foxwood's yesterday also. Lost our shirts! Well not really. I can't gamble enough to lose my shirt. I play $.02 slots....Ya, big gambler here!! We were there for 7 hours and left down $70 including lunch and we bought a book each for today, so not bad at all.

Ok, I'm really nervous, so this is probably a really bad post. I'll jump back on when we get an update.

Thanks for all the well wishes!!!

Kassie - if you're reading - Thanks for the link!