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Friday, January 12, 2007

But I'm not dead yet!

I'm very, very close to it though.

My body has be ransacked. It all started on a fateful Sunday. You see A, A decided that she was going to reinfect her right ear and not wanting the other to feel left out, allowed the infection to spread across her skull to the other side too. This of course all happened AFTER the Ped's after hours. Nurse on call said to use "Olive oil drops" Ya, right

Sunday morning we were at the Ped's FOR.AN.HOUR. at which point I must've picked up Black Death. It started Sunday night.

Now I had already resigned myself that I would be using one of my 4, yes 4! sick days on Monday to care for Ally, little did I know that 2 more would be tacking themselves on. Lets just say I made frequent trips to the ladies Room.

Monday morning, I sent DH on his way, plopped Ally in front of the tv and crawled onto the couch. By 11:30am, I had DH heading home because I was now incapable of caring for anything more demanding then a pet rock.

Tuesday was no better. Wednesday I dragged my sorry self to work, which was a mistake. Thursday I was pretty sure my stomach was attempting to eat itself and today, well, today I've been hit by a Mac Truck, but I think I'll live.

I had a stomach bug AND the flu. TOGETHER. AT.THE.SAME.TIME Fever, chills, aches and pains, trips to the Ladies Room, coughing, sneezing (which caused gagging), running nose, lord help me! Calgon, could not take that away.

I think I'm on the downside now. I pray I'm on the downside now, because honestly, I can't go on like this much more.

Oh, ya puking + constant low blood sugar = NOT FUN


julia said...

Yuck. Get better soon! And don't breath this way. ;)

MileMasterSarah said...

Oh ick, although I was laughing at your post, I know how terrible that crap is. And the sick day thing, I totally feel you there. TOTALLY.

In Search Of Balance said...

Wow, that's horrible. I hope you feel better soon! Having double illnesses seems particularly cruel.... I once had the flu and strep throat, and it was miserable.

Feel better, soon. :)

type1emt said...

That's really rough(both at the same time-eek!) Hope you feel better soon-take it easy over the weekend.

Bernard said...

Yuk, that's terrible.

I hope you're way better real soon.

art-sweet said...

Ugh. You don't live near me, do you? ;-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage!!

Hope you start feeling better soon! Don't rush it though - take your time and get plenty of rest.

Take care,

Dr. Scott

Anonymous said...

i've had a week of feeling like utter crap. i took friday off of work. it's not good is it? hoping you'll feel better soon.


Sasha said...

Those bugs and flues combinations are the worst! I hope you feel better very very soon. Don't forget to drink lots and lots of fluids, try something sugary to keep your sugars from going down.