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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cozmo Upgrade

I'd been wondering where the "letter" that I was going to get about Cozmo upgrade was. So I went to their webpage to chat with a Rep. They actually have an online form setup to request the upgrade.

As a public service ;) Here it is


Megan said...

Yeah, I never got the letter either. I saw it hanging on the wall at my endo's office. I requested online too. Hopefully we'll get it soon.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Here in Europe they have only said they will update the software of our old pump AND when they plan to DO us this seems to be months away..... Are you going to get completely new pumps? I am SO jealous!!!!! Furthermore we are not even offered a better clip carrying case, which IS available in the US. My clip does not swing a full 360 degrees. I like wearing the pump upside down so that air bubbles do not get into the line, since my TDD is only 14U. A bubble makes a difference for me! This is practically impossible with the current case. The case totally sucks. And now the snap doesn't work! Neither are there ANY suitable mobile phone carrying cases available here in Europe! I am SOOO jealous of you in the big US of America - sigh.