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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Drama..Too much drama

FIL has developed a bleed. We kindof saw the writing on the wall yesterday when he had to have 2 bags of blood for unknown reasons. Our fears were confirmed last night, after we got home. They gave him platelets throughout the night, hoping that it would "clog up the bleed". Unfortunately, last night we didn't know where the bleed was. I spent the night sick to my stomach that it was heading to the liver and that the new liver was getting starved of blood.

They found the source this morning. A small vessel that leads nowhere now, apparently wasn't closed completely. The liver is fine. The platelets slowed the bleed some, but hasn't stopped it. They are giving him more this morning along with some drugs hoping to slow it even more. If it does slow, they will continue that course of treatment. If it doesn't, he'll most likely go back into surgery to close it off.

I just keep telling myself that if he's still in his normal hospital room and not back in the ICU, then obviously its not that horrible. That's my mantra and I'm sticking to it!

I need sleep.....