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Sunday, April 02, 2006

17 Months!

Today you turn 17 months!! It's amazing what you learned this month. You're trying to jump. You bounce and bounce and bounce, but those darned feet just refuse to leave the ground. You can now say in addition to momma, dada, doggie, kitty, cheese and juice - bubbles ("baaaabaas"), baby ("bebe"), pepere ("pepay"), please ("pfeas"), cheerios ("cheooos"), "uh-oh", and your favorite mine ("minfs"). EVERYTHING is minfs. Minfs kefs, minfs juz, minfs momma...

You drove me a tad nuts this month too, honey. You again fell in weight percentiles. You're now only in the 3rd. That freaked me out enough to bring you to the Pediatric GI and nutritionist. I couldn't believe my luck, but I was able to get in with both only 2 days after calling instead of months and months later. So far they think you're just a tiny, but healthy thing. We're going to have bloodwork done soon (you're not going to like that!).

You stayed with your Grampy and Uncle Jeff and Aunt Amanda overnight this month. Mommy and daddy had to go to a wedding in CT. They say you were a little angel. I'm still waiting for the true story.

You're a little ham now. You love to get people's attention by running around and then pretending to fall. You generally stop, fall to 1 knee, say "uh-oh", then tumble to your tummy. Sometimes you don't even get to a standing before you're "falling" again.

You're currently on another food strike. The Nutritionist claims that we should offer you supper and leave it at that. She claims one day you will actually eat it, but for now we're happy if you just don't fling it from the highchair. (please honey, you do need to eat SOMETHING! Really honey, most toddlers LOVE cookies and ice cream...give it a try)

We don't take you out to eat anymore. You're just too spirited to be contained by a highchair. You want to get out and explore, Explore, EXPLORE!! I love your spunk and fearlessness. Unlike most toddlers, you're not afraid of new surroundings or people. You may stick close to me at first, but before I can blink you're off exploring! Please don't lose that quest for adventure.

Happy 17 months!
Love, Mommy - whose off to put you and your screaming, crying butt to bed right now.


Kerri. said...

What a beautiful little girl!

And your rendition of her dialect had me smiling at work. For once. :) Thank you!