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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jump for joy or cry?

Don't know which I should do. I finally installed my One Touch Software here at work and am enthralled with it. I'm sure the more I play, the more I will find the preset reports to be too limiting, but for now, I'm in love. This is why I'm jumping for joy.

Crying - well, I've got all my readings, or lack there off, staring me right in the face. Then there's the statistics...Out of 51 readings, only 24% were within range.

24 - freakin %!!! No wonder my A1C was in the crapper last time it was done. Its amazing how having all the information right there staring you in the face makes you snap to attention.

Then, to add insult to injury,I printed out my CalorieKing diaries to get the food data into the software. Holy CRAP, I need to stop eating out. First off, some "meals" had more calories then I should consume in a day, and I've yet to even come close to guessing the carb count correctly.

Diabetes - 1 Sarah - 0 (bring it on!)

Let the games begin!!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Sarah,

Yeah, stats are kind of enlightening - in a scary sort of way.

For your calorie king stuff, do you do it all online, or do you have a version of their software installed (either on a PC or a handheld)?

Sarah said...

I have the PC software, but I really don't use it at all. I do it all online. I didn't like that I couldn't download the online info to the PC version (you can upload from PC to online). Since I do most of it at work, I found the PC version to be a waste.