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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Give me a break!!!

Officer cites 82-year-old woman for being too slow to negotiate busy street

"Mayvis Coyle, 82, was shuffling with her cane across busy Foothill Boulevard while a traffic police officer watched and waited.

And watched and waited.

Even before Coyle finished crossing the intersection at Woodward Avenue, he had scribbled a $114 ticket for crossing against a don't-walk signal. "I entered the crosswalk, it was green," said Coyle, of Sunland, who is fighting the infraction issued Feb. 15. "It turned red before I could get over. There he was, waiting, the motorcycle cop.

"He said, `You're obstructing the flow of traffic."' "

......And in a surprise twist, the awards for "Dumbest Cop of the Year" & "Least Likely to Have Ever Been a Boy Scout" goes too....Officer Kelly


julia said...

What. A. Prick.

And cops wonder why people don't like them.