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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I am: bored
I want: to go home
I wish: I was 100 pounds lighter
I hate: unexplained highs
I miss: sleeping (DD's been on a sleep strike)
I fear: failure
I hear: coworkers on the phone and a truck outside
I wonder: when/if there will ever be a D cure
I regret: nothing, really
I am not: always as happy as I pretend to be
I dance: like no one is watching
I sing: as soon as I'm in the car
I cry: constantly
I am not always: neat.
I make with my hands: awesome baked goods that I shouldn't eat.
I write: to let out feelings I could never say outloud
I confuse: who I am with who I think people want me to be
I need: to be able to spend more time with SWCAL
I should: stop procrastinating
I start: supper every night
I finish: most things on time