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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Baby to English Translation

There's some days where I would give anything to understand exactly what SWCAL is saying to me. She definitely has her own langauge. Certain words she says constantly, like -

"galub-ba-lub!" - this is ALWAYS a statement and I'm guessing generally means - "Give me what you have!" (usually spoken when we are eating or drinking something)

Then there's...

"Gually-ga?" - This one is always spoken as a question.

Then there's the totally random "talking" that occurs in the car after she's said "ma!" 100 times and I've said "what?" 101 times. I generally wait for "galub-ba-lub" or "gually-ga" and respond accordingly.

This post doesn't have a point....I just don't ever want to forget about "galub-ba-lub!" and "gually-ga"


julia said...

Isobel does that, too. It's adorable. I need to record it.