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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Branching out

So I've been a Softset girl my whole "pumping" life. Sure I've tried the odd silhouette style sets here and there. Love their low-profile, hate that they leak like a sieve on me after a day.

So being the "new and improved", "daring, willing to try new things" diabetic Sarah (who used her hip for the first time 2 days ago!!), I decided to order me some Quicksets. Came in today.

I tore into that package like a kid at Christmas (am I the only one who gets all excited about new D toys). SO anyway, there I am with this surprisingly small box for the infusion sets and even smaller box for the inserter. Take a set out. I'm all excited...Then....Wait..Does this go here? What the heck is this blue crap, do I pull this off? Oh, crap I guess not, there goes the needle. 1 set trashed, maybe, just maybe I should read the instructions.

I never felt so dumb in my life. These sets had me completely stumped. Took me a good 15mintues to get it all worked out. Its in now, I'm happy, absolutely no pain on insertion (someone please extend my delusion that they all go in that painlessly!!). Took another minute or 2 (and more reading of the directions...ugh, I'm such a women!) to figure out the disconnect, but so far "Mikey Likes!"


Scott K. Johnson said...

I love quicksets. Even though I'm on a Cozmo pump, I still use the quicksets. They stick to me the best. I have never had an issue with one coming off before I wanted it to.

Plus, I'm a big puss and can't do without the inserter device - did you use that or did you put it in manually?

Sarah said...

I'm on a cozmo too.

I used the inserter. I'm a big baby too about manually inserting. There's just something about staring that needle down. LOL

bethany said...

ok i'm on minimed and i use quicksets - i absolutely love them - though i wish that they were colored like the insets (i got to use them recently when i went on my whole - i want an animas pump instead of a minimed pump) but you're so right - the quicksets hardly ever ever hurt ... i when i went on the pump almost 2 years ago i started with silouettes (how the hell do you spell that??? lol) but then last summer i started working at clara barton camp (a camp for girls with diabetes) and a bunch of my campers used quicksets so i tried them and then i ordered them and it's all i use now! congrats and by the way - i get so excited when i get new d stuff - i thought i was the only one lol